The Little Blue Train


Early Life

We have no idea, however, we are looking into it. What we do know is that we have put many hours of TLC into this little train and so far the children are loving it. we have had a constant line-up of children at each rest for the driver.

What We Do Know

The engine is 2 cylinder, air cooled and gas powered. It has a 2 speed hydraulic transmission. An external alternator for extra electricity when needed and an air compressor for the whistle, air horn and parking brake (no fake recordings on this train). We also have a real brass bell and a stereo system with speakers in each car. Our train can carry up to 18 children or 12 adults. A unique feature on our train is the moving side rods on the drive wheels and the tandem axle front steering wheels.







Update: 29 July 2014


We found out the engine is an Onan built in 1986. We have a picture of the train before it's current paint job.



Our Newest Addition

Due to popular demand, we are currently building a new train.

This train will carry up to 30 children in three 6 foot long cars

and one 10 foot long car will be capable of carrying a wheel chair and 5 children.


Here is our expert team working hard to build the next train.

Update: The New Train is almost finished!!!

It is currently in operation with two 10 passenger cars completed.
A third car will be added soon as well as a longer wheel chair
accessible car.