Welcome To Pacific Trackless Trains

Want to make your child's birthday party special? All aboard the trackless train! A ride perfect for everyone from young kids to adults. Kids will love riding the trackless train as it chugs around taking them for a ride. Trackless train as the name says requires no tracks. It is a realistic version of a real train. These trains have a whistle and a bell to ring. Since this train is "trackless", it can go just about everywhere! The train can ride on cement, asphalt, grass or pavement surfaces. An ideal location would be a parking lot or a residential street.

Both the little blue train and our newest addition, the multi-colour train is maintained and operated by Pacific Trackless Trains under the parent company Pacific Mobile Repairs Ltd.

Unlike most Trackless Trains, our train (Old Blue) was built to look like a real train with moving parts at the wheels to make it look more authentic.  The train is powered by a locomotive that pulls 2 cars capable of carrying 18 children or 12 adults. the train comes complete with a Driver, real brass bell, whistle and horn. We can play train themed music over the onboard stereo or music of your choice for your themed event.

The Pacific Trackless Train is a wonderful addition for Birthday parties, Schools, Church and Corporate events. We can travel on just about any flat surface (asphalt, cement, gravel and grass). The surface must be firm and dry; we will not travel on muddy conditions. If you live on a hilly location, please inform us to see if we can operate our train for your situation.